Thursday, October 30, 2014

November 2014 Newsletter

Klahanie School
November 2014 Newsletter

“Dad believes that the things of nature are a gift.  And that in return, we must give something back.  We must give thanks…..
To me, it’s a little embarrassing to say thanks to trees and things.  But Dad says it becomes a habit; it makes you feel good.  ‘Thank you, stars,’ I say as we near home.  And the stars come out, one by one, as if from hiding.”
Giving Thanks by Jonathan London

October 2014 Reflection
 The leaves are beginning to change and the rain has re-emerged, autumn is fully here.  Thank you parents for dressing your kids so weather ready!  I proudly gaze at them during our daily outside exploration and play: splattering, chattering and making life as a Pacific Northwest kid look like the best choice ever!  Inside and outside the children are exploring new friendships and with that we are able to support the natural and normal relationship dynamics playing out and figuring out “gentle touch, requests, speaking/listening from the heart, opening our listening ears, space to share why the choice was made” with one another.  I am taking a lot of time to help the children figure out joyful ways to connect with friends and introducing mediation.  Offering the children time to speak, time to listen, time to explain and respond and time to re-connect has fantastic benefits to our community as a whole and you might begin to see that outside of school.  There is a great amount of thanks offered and received in class daily and what a gift to observe.  If you are interested in learning more about the Peace building techniques used during class, please feel free to ask during your November Autumn Conference.  The main focus I leave them with is how kind they are.  That kindness and gratitude will lead to a joyful life on earth and possibility greater connection with others and earth.  I also share that our choices have affect on the world and we really look at that during those sacred moments of dispute investigation.  I also use these words with the children, with quick definition of meaning.  

November Curriculum Topics
·      Salmon: amazing life cycle journey, Pacific Northwest salmon and habitats.  This is a very dear unit to me and we read some amazing books and poetry about the salmon’s inspiring life.
·      Giving Thanks: ways to show express our thanks to those we love and the earth.  Before our Thanksgiving break we will make a meal as a class over a couple of days, set our table, sing a Thank You song and eat our class made meal together.  The meal will be applesauce (pealed cooked by the children, very little sugar will be added), smoked salmon and corn bread (made by the class).
·      Leaves: autumn deciduous leaves and parts of the leaf study and Deciduous Trees
·      Turkeys: parts of the turkey and behaviors, get ready for some funny words coming home! 

·      Dinosaur introduction: all the children have expressed interest in dinosaurs so we will get our books, posters and dinosaur figures out (donated by our alumni Clapperton and Hamilton families!  Thank you!!!) to start a dinosaur study introduction that will be sprinkled in over the next couple months.  This will then lead to a fun solar system unit we will end the school year with!

Reminders/Thank You
Thank you Jordan Beck-Vroom for your amazing help while Patsy was traveling in Sicily, Italy!  Such kindness and lovely to have a baby in class again!  Thank you Calyx!

Welcome home from Sicily Patsy!  The children missed you and we are so happy you had such a lovely time!

Parent Volunteers Needed Please!

o   Please help Take & Organize Distribution of Class Picture!  
o   Making a monthly batch of play dough

Autumn Conference Monday November 17 & Tuesday November 18 Sign-up for a Positive Autumn Conference!  Sign-up is posted on the school board above the cubbies.

Happy Thanksgiving Break!   NO School Nov.26 & 27

1st Grader, Klahanie Alumi first years of school!:  Fin Graham visits class.

Cooper Vroom visits class!!  Welcome back Cooper!

Nomenclature Cards: 3 parts (picture/label, picture, label matching)

Creations from the Recycle Bucket!

Hike to amazing 80 year old neighbor Mrs. Kaye Kelly's ravine and access to Klahanie Beach, thank you!