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November Newsletter 2017

Klahanie School
November 2017 Newsletter
Thanks a lot,
  Thanks for Sun in the sky.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for clouds so high.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for whispering wind.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the birds in the spring.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the moonlit night.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the stars so bright.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the wondering me.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the way I feel.
Thanks for the animals,
 Thanks for the land,
 Thanks for the people everywhere.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for all I've got.
 Thanks for all I've got.


October 2017 Reflection
Thank you parents and children for such wonderful conferences, what fun sharing about your children!   As shared during conferences, your children makeup a warm and inviting group.  The leaves are changing and the rain has re-emerged, autumn is fully here.  Thank you parents for dressing your kids so weather ready with warm layers and easy to slip on boots!  Thank you also for practicing with your child at home ways to put clothing and coats on independently.  We use the following technique at school:

“You put your tag by your toes, hands in the holes and your flip it” flipping the coat on by laying coat upside down by child’s toes.

Drop off has been a benefit witnessed by teachers when children are greeted by their school day with independence and feelings of pride entering the classroom.  The experience has manifested from our teachers hopes, the day begins and ends focused on the children and they sincerely show the joy from that.  They enter class with smiles and ease, ready to help sing or talk about animals we are interested in or even making a tent with our class parachute.   Now that the routine is well established please feel when you feel your child is ready, to walk your child to the door (maintaining all parent conversations in the cozy tentJ) to take a peek on our powerful circle of love and connection. 

We have been talking about how our rain gear acts as our own personal tent when in the weather elements.  Inside and outside the children are exploring new friendships and with that we are able to support the natural and normal relationship dynamics playing out and figuring out how to open our listening ears and learning to speak from the heart, and what defines a kind leader.  I am taking a lot of time to help the children figure out joyful ways to connect with friends and introducing mediation “holding our concentration” complimented with movement stories.   There is a great amount of kindness offered and received during class daily.  The main focus I leave them with is how kind they are.  We explore together that kindness and gratitude will lead to a joyful life on earth and possibility greater connection with others and earth.  We continue to build our empathy development with inquiry and listening along with important grace and courtesy response to friends’ questions and actions. 

“Dad believes that the things of nature are a gift.  And that in return, we must give something back.  We must give thanks…..
To me, it’s a little embarrassing to say thanks to trees and things.  But Dad says it becomes a habit; it makes you feel good.  ‘Thank you, stars,’ I say as we near home.  And the stars come out, one by one, as if from hiding.”
Giving Thanks by Jonathan London

November Curriculum Topics
Day of the Dead, Dia de Muretos (Oct 31-November 2) art and inspirations from the honoring and remembrance of family
·      Salmon: amazing life cycle journey, Pacific Northwest salmon and habitats.  This is a very dear unit to me and we read some amazing books and poetry about the salmon’s inspiring life. 
·      Giving Thanks: exploring ways to express our thanks to those we love and the earth.  Before our Thanksgiving break we will make a meal as a class over a couple of days, set our table, sing a Thank You song and eat our class made meal together.  The meal will be applesauce (pealed cooked by the children, a bit of honey added), smoked salmon and corn bread (made by the class).
o   Thank you song: “Thank you for the food we eat.  Thank you for the friends we greet.  Thank you for the birds that sing.  Thank you, thank you for everything.”

·      Orcas: Like Salmon, we are very honored as an island community to be able to observe first hand the Orca migration led by Grandma, the matriarch of the Puget Sound J pod.  We will learn about Orcas and compare our native whale activity to those surrounding Scotland’s archipelago Inner Hebrides. 
·      Turkeys: parts of the turkey and behaviors, get ready for some funny words coming home! 
Ara Lee, Juniper's mom and musician/teacher, will come in the first Wednesday of the months to introduce our class to music!

Reminders/Thank You
Thank you Jordan Beck-Vroom for your amazing teaching talents in class, your time offered for Spanish lessons and daily practice and loving patience with children and co-teacher colleague!  Thank you Klahanie School parents for your participation creating a beautiful school vibe of friendliness and kindness.  And thank you for helping create a fun and memorable Pie Auction fundraising event, the school made $3406.00 for scholarships next year and we could not have accomplished this without MC and evening Chef, Jeff Miller and organizers Colleen Miller, Jen Keller and Jordan Vroom.  Such a fun evening! 

·      No School: Thanksgiving, Thursday 23th

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017 Newsletter

Klahanie School
October 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Reflection
Congratulations, you successfully made it through the first busy first month of school!   And we certainly began this school year with a fantastic amount of joy.  Welcome new and returning families to Klahanie School!  The children are beginning to remember names of classmates and we continue to play finger-plays, rhyming games, songs and movement during circle time as well as wonderful library books centered on self-care and emotions.  We have been laughing a lot at group and throughout class, what a gift! 

Thank you parents who were able to attend our school Curriculum night, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing our Compassionate Listening, empathy development and emotional intelligence class foundations as well as weaving Montessori practice information.  During our evening, we discussed the intentions of Montessori education, our intimate class space where we nurture connection building while maintaining the integration of age and readiness for one-on-one and group lessons in Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Zoology, Botany and Cultural areas of the curriculum.  During these first months of school our teacher role is to assist in the children’s safety of self, environment and friendship development.  Many children have begun forming very sweet friendships and you may begin talking more about play-dates with friends from school or pass with hellos out in the world.  You all have very friendly and warm children.  And thank you teachers and parents for helping model a very kind and gentle space for our school community. 

A topic of curriculum night conversation was also focused on our daily class practice of Inclusion during play and use of the following response if asked by a friend to play:

“Can I play?”
“No thank you, maybe later.  I am working/playing alone right now.” 
Or if approaching an existing group working on project or imaginative play:
“Sure, we’ll figure it out.” 

To assist the children being creative in the group activity including more if ask to join, is requested in class to assist the individual forming good foundation experiences when seeking connection.  This is a confidence builder for all involved because everyone is able to answer authentically while also being kind.  Teachers assist if a younger two-half year old classmate who might want to play with the same material yet play/concentrate alone.  This is the gift of observation in class where we can help decode what is being sought after and seeking to communicate.  I also ask the children to practice listening as much as “use your words” and sometimes help brainstorm.  The majority of the times the children are showing great care and imagination attached to this empathy developing response in-group work.

Some songs we are exploring in class:
Jordan is singing and reading songs and books at ending circle in Spanish, a great favorite is (Thank you Jordan for this classroom gift!):

Los pollitos dicen
Pío pío pío
Cuando tienen hambre
Cuando tienen frio
La gallina busca
El maíz y trigo
Por les da comida
Y les presta abrigo

More songs we are enjoying surrounding our changing weather and friend connection building:
The rain flows down the river
And washes out to sea,
Evaporates into the clouds then
It rains back down on me.

The rain is watering the flowers
The rain is watering the trees
I put my arms up
and the rain waters me

Meet New Friends and Keep the Old, Five Little Pumpkins, In the Autumn Time, Deciduous Trees loose their leave/ Evergreen Trees keep their green, Listen to the Water, name game finger plays and fun with the parachute. 

October Topics
·      Spiders (arachnids) and Bats (mammals): looking at their life cycle, parts of the bodies, habitats and how they help the earth.
·      Pumpkins, Gourd family & Apples: life cycle, parts of the plant and sensory games, songs and food preparation and tastings. 
·      Garden preparation for winter and plant cycles: Winter crops and soil care for winter preparation.
·      Bird Migration: Pacific Northwest bird migration.
·      Loads of Halloween/Autumn Songs and Felt Story Board
·      Friends & Neighbors: What makes a friend.  Peace practices (invitation to play, concentrate together) on how to be neighborly and available for help when asked.  Inclusion practice and name games.

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.”
Mr. Fred Rogers

Reminders/Thank Yous
·      Important!  Please Read Carefully:  Now that we are moving into the cold season, it is best if you are aware of a health issue with a student in our class. This child has mild asthma that is induced by common respiratory viruses (common colds essentially). He/she has a history of common colds turning into bronchiolitis rather quickly (not the same as bronchitis). Here's a link to more about bronchiolitis on mayoclinic.  Please keep your child home when sick.  And thank you for alerting the school if your child has been diagnosed with an extreme virus to share with this family so he/she can stay home and safe.  What happens to this child is that a common cold virus moves into his/her lungs and small airways, making it difficult to breath as mucus blocks his small airways. He/she has had about six occasions of developing bronchiolitis.  Of course it is impossible to keep children away from all cold viruses but, we'd like to try to keep this child away from any particularly nasty viruses if we know of it ahead of time.

·      Lice  Please get your hair combing lice kits and start preventatives: Please check our school blog under Parent Resources for the lice prevention and treatment.  Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils diluted with water and rubbed daily at the base of neck hairline as well as around ears are some great preventative bases combined with frequent nit checks.  Children will need to stay home until all nits are gone and treatment completed. 

·      Autumn Conferences: October 23, 25, 26 get questions and hopes for your child ready and sign up for your optional Autumn conference to hear about what your child is doing in class cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  Conference sign-up is emailed out and on the school board in our drop off tent. 

·      Thank you Play Dough Makers!  Jordan Beck-Vroom and Jen Keller

2017 Scholarship Pie Auction Dinner Fundraiser!  Saturday October 21
6-10pm Vashon Books 22100 Vashon Hwy SW
Tickets $35 Dinner included, adult event

Parent Contribution Donation:
1.     Attendance
2.     Non-Alcohol Beverage
3.     Selling Tickets, Spreading the Word:

Please use and keep track of sales in the attached envelope to collect funds and document in attached sheet if a Gift to school or Ticket Entry to event.

Thank you and very happy autumn to you!

Emmy and Jordan

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Newsletter 2017

Hi Everyone!

This has to be some of the sweetest kiddos looped together, what connections forming!  Some photos from the week are posted on Klahanie School Facebook of children who have parental permission to post images of.  We practiced circle time (beginning and ending circles where we sing songs, learn to take turns sharing ideas, learn Spanish and read stories) and lining up as well as walking in the class spaces.  We practice walking heel-to-toe with the following song:

Heel to toe and heel to toe.
We are walking heel to toe.
We are not too fast and not too slow.

Work rugs and mats have been introduced.  The work rugs are for the child to pick an activity off the shelf or form a project and has the choice to work independent or share space with a friend.  

In the garden we focused on group team play and the following statement when a friend asks to join an imaginary play:

"Sure, we'll figure it out."  This statement becomes a bridge for connection building, confidence creation and the foundation of inclusion and empathy building.  If a person is happily playing or concentrating on a project independent, he/she may say "Maybe in a little bit, I am concentrating on my own."  This also offers children time to evaluate self needs and polite response that nurtures continued connection while integrating self care.  I am beginning lessons in Sandpaper letters, geography maps, math bead counting and sensorial lessons and both teachers are introducing loads of Practical Life and art lessons.  This will continue and increase as the year progresses.  Areas such as this will be focused on during our Parent Curriculum night, please come join us 5:30-7pm Thursday, September 28th.

*We would like to expand our Monday class and fill three more spots so two teachers can be present all four school days.  Please let us know soon if you would  like to add Monday and/or have a recommendation of a child/family interested in Monday enrollment.  

Next week (18th-22nd) the Rains are coming!  Yeah for our gardens and state and here we go for our classes of little ones!  

Thank you for bringing your child with name labeled coat and layers, extra socks and name labeled boots.

Thank you for practicing our flipping on coats technique at home: 
Coat flat on floor, hood/tags by the toes, hands in the holes and flipped over the head.  We say the following:  "Tags by the toes, hands in the holes and we flip it over our head."

*Please bring a photo of your child for his/her cubby (can be printed on any paper and any size) and name labeled water bottles.  

Thank you for continuing to spread the word about our Scholarship Fundraiser October 21!  Pie yummies approaching!  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and excited to continue this amazing school year with you all!  


Emmy and Jordan

Klahanie School
PO Box 13376 
Burton, WA. 98013
(206) 491-9465

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pie Auction Parent Contribution List! 2017

2017 Scholarship Pie Auction Dinner Fundraiser!

Saturday October 21,
6-10pm Vashon Books old VFW Hall off main Hwy, north of Burton
Tickets $35 Dinner included, adult event

Klahanie School 2017-18 Parent Contribution Donation:
1.     Attendance
2.     Non-Alcohol Beverage
3.    Selling Tickets, Spreading the Word:
Please use and keep track of sales in the attached envelope to collect funds and document in attached sheet if a Gift to school or Ticket Entry to event.

You help create our Second Annual evening of fun and support our school Scholarships!

Parking, Separation Anxiety Support, Important Dates Autumn 2017

Please drive 10 miles an hour on our neighborhood road.  Please use the lower parking spots and double-park in the main driveway (in-front of the house).   Carpooling is encouraged.

Upper lot/1 Spot is Reserved for cars transporting Infants and Elderly passengers, asking again to allow parking for one car so thank you for taking your driving time. 

If drivers find they have gone too far up the hill, please slowly back down the road.  Thank you for refraining from pulling around in our neighbor’s driveways.  No Street parking off 201st.  Parking is also available across the street off 201st in the shared Starbreak lot as well as the lower driveway off 81st.   Thank you for your help taking your time and being on time. 

Drop Off Routine
To help children transition smoother to the school and feelings of safety with teachers, staff will offer the following drop off routine:

Drop Off Routine:
1.     9:25am-9:35am meet at the entry tent (upper lot)
2.     9:30am Teacher welcomes and holds hands with first group, remaining group waits in tented area
3.     9:35am Teacher greets second group (Room Rep helps solo Teacher during second round on Mondays)
4.     THANK YOU FOR BEING ON TIME during this new drop off and making conversation light, low and calm
5.     First week of school we will allow some time for photos and Jordan will take the second/third group at 9:40 

Please help your child get ready for a smooth drop off by helping your child place all needed items in his/her backpack and encouraging your child to carry his/her own things. 

Walk to the gate/tent where Jordan will greet children and a brief and warm hello to parents with all attention on helping children walk to disburse items in cubbies, cooler, shoes and inside classroom. 

Please move all greetings and check-ins for the tented areas (we want to make it cozy so Room Rep have fun!).  We seek to maintain low volume noises and teachers will talk directed to the children within and around the class spaces. 

Please email info@klahanieschool.org or call 206-491-9465 before school with specifics about your child, pickup info, etc or leave signed note with details on the magnetic board.

Children excited to enter school, helpful for parents to offer hugs and farewells at the gate/tent so children can smoothly move to concentration of independence and pride of taking care of self to transition to class.

For children needing a bit more time to transition, parents are asked to please sit in the covered tent area to cuddle quietly until child is ready to have Jordan’s help in transition to school.   When you are ready, we cuddle and call if inconsolable for 15 minutes straight.  You will receive a phone call if that is the situation.  Typically, that is rare and children find deep connection smoothly with us the first couple weeks while we show safety to them.

A helpful hint is going over the Daily Needs list with your child and only placing items he/she needs for school inside the backpack the night before.

DAILY Needs (All items names labeled please and thank you!):
1.     Shoes/Boots child can place on and off self directed and good balance
2.     Backpack
3.     Coat
4.     Hoodies/sweater, long-sleeved shirt, etc
5.     Two pair of underwear, sweatpants/waste band, socks
6.     Water-bottle (this can be stored at school if easiest, please specify to teachers)
7.     Rain slickers (pants, coat shells)

 We have a Sharing Bag and request all special home items stay at home until the child has sharing his/her week.  If a snuggly is needed for transition, parents are asked to remind child the special item must stay inside his/her backpack and only items that can be fully shared when out in garden for imaginative play, with all classmate friends at school, are allowed at Klahanie School.  If an item for Sharing bag or imaginative play is breakable or worrisome about damage, please keep at home.   Things get messy and fun here!

Teacher/Director is available for support ideas if child is showing signs of extended days of separation anxiety.  Please call office hours for additional support.

Separation Anxiety & Drop-off Information
The first couple weeks of school and a new drop off can be re-adjustments to the transitioning back to school, new students and families.  We are here to help and have giggles in the process! And it can be difficult so do not be concerned if your child is weepy coming to school. This is normal and natural to observe young children showing more emotion during times of transition. If your child cries without consoling for more than 15 minutes following drop-off, then parents will be called, as we never want children to feel discomfort-surrounding school.

A week or two before school starts as well as when a change in the drop off/pickup person and schedule occurs, we suggest beginning very brief, fun reminders to your child that school will be starting soon and how much fun your child will have and sharing who drops and picks them up. Teachers need to be aware in writing of names, days and contact information for each individual dropping off and picking up children.

Parents/Pickup people will get brief check-ins at pickup about your child’s day. Thank you for dropping all notes on the magnetic board.

Please note: Mondays will be one teacher with smaller group and help with smooth drop off is very helpful. 

If your child is toilet transitioning please help him/her use the bathroom before either coming to school or before beginning class.  We will do gentle reminders to “try” throughout the class time.

If your child shows signs of illness or did not get enough sleep the night before, causing more school anxiety thank you for choosing a day at home or later drop-off with teacher notification.

Please note: We continue to have construction within the garden and children will need to be in shoes.  Sorry no barefoot!   

Important Dates:

Tuesday September 5th
            10-11:30am Meet and Greet Teachers, walk through new drop off, hand in release form and supplies, hear about Pie auction, check out the spaces again please bring:
1.    Picture of your child
2.    Name Labeled slippers
3.    Name Labeled Emergency packet (please refer to Vashon school district website for list, packets are also sold at True Value)
4.    September Tuition and $50 Art Fee

5.    Signed Emergency form 

Wednesday/Thursday September 6th and 7th
            Intro days/split classes 9:30-11:15/11:45-1:30pm

Monday September 11th
            Regular schedule begins 9:30-12:30/1:30PM

Thursday September 28th
            5:30-7pm Curriculum Night in Klahanie Classroom, parents only

Saturday October 21st
            6-10pm Vashon Books, Scholarship Pie Auction Fundraiser

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday October 23, 24, 25th
            Autumn parent conferences