Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

Klahanie School
October 2014 Newsletter

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.”
Mr. Fred Rogers
September 2014 Reflection
What a fun way to begin our school year!  Thank you Klahanie parents for all the warmth and opportunity to educate and nurture your children!  They are lovely people and as a group we have had such fun observing all the new friendships.  Our circle time is spent enjoying singing “getting to know each other” songs, days of the week, finger plays, movement and stories to help the children adjust back to the school environment and routine.  They are doing amazing learning and remembering how to move in the classroom and what fun seeing the children pair off into new friendship play or concentration.  We are diving quickly into engaging lessons in language, math, zoology and botany as well as storytelling and poetry.   We began reading poetry and will continue this throughout the school year by classical poets Edward Lear, Christina Rosetti, Robert Frost to name a few as introduction to how fun and meaningful language play is for expression and language use expansion.  I will continue to introduce Sand Paper Letter lessons to the children.  This is s a wonderful phonetic and sensory lesson of the alphabet as well as indirect aim to work on speech development using engaging steps to make the concrete, sensory experience fun.  The children have loved the garden playtime and many have helped harvest and eat from the garden and play imaginative play as campers or explorers.  Some core words we use daily in class are inclusion, compassion, helpful choices: to ourselves, environment and class group, permission, concentration, independence and connection.

October Curriculum Topics
·      Spiders (arachnids) and Bats (mammals): looking at their life cycle, parts of the bodies, habitats and how they help the earth.
·      Pumpkins, Gourd family & Apples: life cycle, parts of the plant and sensory games, songs and food preparation and tastings. 
·      Friends: What makes a friend
·      Neighbors:  Peace practices (invitation to play, concentrate together) on how to be neighborly and available for help when asked.
·      3 Part Card Introduction to Weather and Land Forms: A language and earth education lesson that focuses on picture and word matching and earth vocabulary introduction. 
·      Garden preparation for winter: Winter crops and soil care for winter preparation.

Reminders/Thank Yous
·      Parent Volunteers Needed to help take a class picture and make a monthly batch of play dough, please contact Emmy if interested.
·      Halloween: children are welcome to wear costumes if easy to remove, move around in and warm for outside time.
·      Sharing: Children are welcome to bring one item from nature or item that starts with a letter sound (“a” for apple, etc.) or something cultural each Thursday.  Please make sure the sharing can fit in the cubby.  Parents are welcome to call and schedule with teacher if child wants to have a family pet visit class for sharing.    

Sand Paper Letter lesson

A beautiful book about expressing love between a grandson and his grandmother.

Our 2014-15 Class Portraits

Friday, July 18, 2014

Elder Helper Needed For 2014-15 School Year!

Klahanie School

Elder Helper Needed For The 2014-2015 School Year!

Do you know of or are you a retirement-aged Elder seeking connection and presence with young children and maybe a bit of additional pocket change?

Klahanie School is seeking a gentle, active and compassionate retirement aged helper in our classroom this school year to enhance our Peace Development curriculum.  Some island children do not have the gift of growing up around many Elders, Klahanie School would like to foster the ability for connection between these age groups.  

This would be a paid 3 mornings a week position (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 9:15-12:15).  

A minimum of three references would be requested and background check.  

Thank you for passing our school information his/her way!  

Emily (Emmy) Graham
Director/Lead Teacher Klahanie School

Friday, June 27, 2014

Klahanie School Summer Camp 2014 Approaching!!

Klahanie School Summer Camp 2014

Art and Earth Biomes: Everything fun with water and land & Introduction to Gymnastics & Finding Balance with Nature!

Monday-Thursday 10-1pm:

July 14–July 17                  July 28-31                  August 11-14

Ages 3yrs-6yrs
Cost: $140 
Non-Refundable Deposit Per Camp: $60

Summer camps: Intimate and based on same school foundations along with fun summer zest, these camps are themed around nature and self-expression.  Camps are open to children 3yrs-6yrs (must be toilet using and open to walks to-from KVI).

Children are to bring easy to carry and open snack/lunch, change of clothes, arrive with sunscreen on, water bottle and small backpack to carry belongings.  Walks to the beach will be made each camp day.  

Toilet Transitioning: A Great Time!

Over the years, many have asked for some input on toilet transitioning.  

This arrives from my personal observations over the past 18 years working with small children, input and suggestions from colleagues and elders and what appears to help children and their caregivers during this milestone time.  

  1. CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE:  Whatever route you choose making sure that you are constant is key.  This can be grueling and feel on the edge of uncomfortable at times but crucial to the success of your child learning (this is where the word "training" comes into play!) to use the toilet and having trust to do so.  Once your child is clear that the toilet is where he/she is to go when the body needs to release then the repeated caregiver request to "try" every 30 minutes lessens and becomes a routine/a human pattern for the child.  And Please Remember: Like every human experience, children dip in and out of needing help with toilet reminders as they experience any changes in their physical and cognitive growth spurts which can be triggers.  
  2. TIMERS: To reinforce consistency, get a timer you and your child can view/hear for the every 30-40 minute reminder.
  3. REMOVE DIAPERS: Introduce to your child that this is a special time and diapers during the day are not necessary any longer.  For sleep substitute using a diaper for a pull-up.  This will be handy as your child grows and maybe continues to wet the bed at night (PLEASE REMEMBER: wetting at night is also a long process, sometimes for some years and is very normal).  If you have an overstock of diapers, consider this a wonderful Food Bank donation! 
  4. FUN UNDERWEAR: Make a ritual out of this special time and go shopping for underwear your child can pick out.  As part of your introduction to underwear explain that these are to keep dry and sharing that you too learned how to keep your underwear (like the ones you wear to this day) dry.  "And if you accidentally wet your new underwear, that is OK.  It is part of learning.  Lets just make sure that while you are learning I am here to help you remember to "try" using the toilet, letting it all out so there will not be very many accidents.  And we can wash them no problem!"  A great cause and effect of underwear is that if your child accidentally pees or poops in the underwear there is an immediate need to clean ones self and get fresh underwear.  Please take note:  This is the part that can be cumbersome as he/she learns is the additional laundry.  Just keep positive and patient and remember this is part of the process and we all went through it!  Be empathetic to his/her process instead of your own.  Having children help with the laundry can also connect them further with understanding the process (wash, dry, fold and put away) as well as more vested interest in home care.
  5. USE THE TOILET IN PUBLIC PLACES:  Grocery store, ferry boat, department stores, restaurants, etc.  This is a nice introduction that everyone on this earth who has the physical ability learns to use the toilet and that there are designated places to use the toilet.
  6. READ AND WATCH CHILDREN'S BOOKS/VIDEOS ON TOILET USE:  There are fantastic children's books and videos at your local library.
  7. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT:  In the beginning of toilet transitioning sometimes parents use a special treat (stickers, jelly beans, etc.) given to the child after he/she uses the toilet.  What I have found is that the treat is used for a very short time and the child soon transitions to simply using the toilet instead of seeking the treat.  The treat acts as a introduction to safety and is humorously the "training" in the equation.  
  8. PEER HELP:  With adult supervision during play-dates, ask guardians if OK if children use the bathroom together.  We humans are social and learn from the acts of those around us and kids LOVE to hangout and learn from one another!    
  10. ACCEPT MESS & MORE STEPS: welcome to being human right?!
  11. OBSERVE: over the years I have witnessed and held space for some families who have children with bowel challenge and sometimes with-holding of bowel movements.  This can be painful for all involved and something to definitely seek help when you need it.  If you observe your child in great pain and fear approaching pooping in the toilet, be very calm and patient and seek counsel from your health-care provider.  Documenting diet, what leads up to, etc. can be very helpful.    
  12. LIFE IS EASIER WHEN YOU BEGIN USING THE TOILET!  Please remember that a good portion of the time children disagree with using the toilet is because he/she do not want to stop playing what he/she is playing!  I like sharing with children how much easier life is using the toilet (peers like sharing this too) and thus, way more fun!  That always gets a smile.
You all are doing a fantastic job raising such lovely people.  Truly.

Have fun with this, keep laughing and know it will happen!!!  And summer is truly the time to begin introductions!  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

Klahanie School
June 2014 Newsletter

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. 
Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.
Maya Anglou
May Reflection
Dear Klahanie School Students and Families,
Thank you for supporting our spring Scholarship Fundraiser!  Your support and help is deeply appreciated, thank you!  We ended a lovely month together and an even lovelier school year!  We welcomed two new friends in our AM class, worked on meaningful and peaceful practices with each other and have talked about approaching summer months and how to stay connected.  This has been a celebration of time together for teachers as well.  As you all know, teachers Lauren and Lisa will be venturing to wonderful new horizons next school year.  This is Lauren and my fourth year teaching together.  The school would not have grown with such love had it not been for Lauren’s talents and presence.  Lauren, thank you so much!  And Lisa is excitedly opening a Vashon preschool on her property as well.  I am thankful to have spent time teaching with both woman and offer my deepest celebration and support on all the beautiful growths in their lives!  Mahalo!

June Topics
·      Tie-Dye Time!  Please bring one or two old or new (whatever is aroundJ ) White Tee-Shirts for your child to tie-dye. 
o   We will Tie-Dye Thursday June 5! 
·      Friends: writing letters, sharing addresses, how mail works
·      Map of Vashon: visual of where friends live on the island as well as where island beaches are located to meet friends for play-dates

Reminders/Thank Yous/Announcements
·      Thank you Ruthanne Rhoads for the Rit Dyes!
·      Congratulations to the Hamilton family for the healthy birth of daughter Brinley!  Congratulations to big brother Grayson!
·      Last Day of School: Thursday June 12
·      Graduation-End of the Year Party: Friday June 13th  10am-Noon.  School will host light lunch fare and class pictures to follow graduation song.  Please let Emmy know if you would like to host your photography skills to share!

Continent punching, a friend interested.

Amazing parent donations to the 2014 Scholarship Fundraiser Plant and Bake Sale!  Thank you Klahanie parents!

Day we released the Painted Lady butterflies.

Class Self Portraits

Congratulations Hamilton Family on the healthy birth of Brinley!  Congratulations big brother Grayson!