Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 2016 Newsletter

Klahanie School
February 2016 Newsletter
January 2016 Reflection
 Hawaiian Poem: Peacemaker (To make Peace)
Ua kuikahi ke aupuni e haawi e paa I ka lima ke kuike e mamua o ka olelo – alohaloha ua kuikahi ke aupuni  ~ To unite as one and make peace you must give your hands up in agreement that you will ‘try’ to understand one another, speak kindly, entreat gently and go with love, yes, in order to unite as one and make peace
 ~Bonnie Flach, English Translation

Brothers: Older brother asked to bring younger baby brother in as sharing

Self Portraits

Thank you parents that attended the Curriculum night, I found the experience incredibly delightful and fun to share with you.  I found sharing more about your child’s classroom experience and time to listen and respond to parent questions very grounding and fun experience, thank you. 

“Can you tell us more about that lady on the bus so we can play her outside?” ~ Julip at circle asking about Rosa Parks.

January brought us amazing levels of connection, reflection and presence.  With the solid base of this unified group making peace everyday within themselves and in friendships, we were able to welcome two new friends to our class.  Welcome Grayson Moncrief and Charlotte Sordenstone and families!  All your children have shown tremendous levels of kindness and focus of helping by working consistently on listening games and more story time with Renee when I need to be available for children having an emotional time transitioning to school from parent. 

This is a very sugar coated, sweet group of children!

February Curriculum Topics
I wonder what memories of yours will persist as you go on in life.  My hunch is that the most important will have to do with feelings of loving and being loved—family, friends, teachers, shopkeepers—whoever’s been close to you.  As you continue to grow, you’ll find many ways of expressing your love and you’ll discover more and more ways in which others express their love for you.
~Fred Rogers, Life’s Journeys According to Mister Rogers: Things to Remember Along the Way

This is a busy, full and wonderful month we will share together in class.  More hiking opportunities will be shared weekly or bi-weekly for the 1:30pm class.  If your child has a birthday this month and you would like to do a little honoring in class, please let me know. 

We will begin study exploration of
·      Finishing up Pacific Northwest beavers, their amazing family structure and vital importance in our ecosystem.
·      Love: exploring this powerful emotion and how we show love to self and others.  This will incorporate arts, movement, spoken word, songs and poetry. 
·      February 8th Chinese New Year!  We will make our dragon again and have a Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey parade Thursday February 11th along with our Valentines sing-a-long in the garden at 11:30am.  Parent participation welcome! 
·      Valentines: Thursday 11th and Friday 12th we will exchange Valentines (Renee will help parents distribute Valentines in name labeled envelopes inside cubbies).  We will share a healthy treat we make in class and sing and recite Valentine songs and poems.
·      Hawaii islands and Inner Hebrides, Scotland beginning exploration of similarities and differences and the native languages of these remote islands. 

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

Reminders/Thank You
·      Winter Break: Feb 15-19, no school

·      Thank you Sara Bennett for the one-on-one time with the kids for self-portraits!

·      Valentines: help your child make a valentine for each classmate for our little Valentine celebration-Chinese New Year Thursday 11th