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February 2017 Newsletter

Klahanie School
February 2017 Newsletter
January 2017 Reflection
Establishing lasting peace is the work of education
~ Dr. Maria Montessori 

January brought us amazing levels of connection, reflection and presence with the core of focus being on Dr. King and Peacemakers.  With the solid base of this unified group making peace everyday within themselves and in friendships, a joyful and magical time of “normalized class” has been created where children move about at independent will, making choices that nurture their inner drive for more learning, more growing and more helping friend interactions.  All your children have shown tremendous levels of kindness and focus of helping one another.  The world at large could take some major lessons from this dynamically loving Klahanie School peacemaker group!  

Hawaiian Poem: Peacemaker (To make Peace) 
Ua kuikahi ke aupuni e haawi e paa I ka lima ke kuike e mamua o ka olelo – alohaloha ua kuikahi ke aupuni  ~ To unite as one and make peace you must give your hands up in agreement that you will ‘try’ to understand one another, speak kindly, entreat gently and go with love, yes, in order to unite as one and make peace
 ~Bonnie Flach, English Translation

Here is our class chant:

Klahanie kids are mighty, mighty kids and mighty, mighty kids they are.
They work for peace.
They work for love.
They work for harmony!
February Curriculum Topics
“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

This is a busy, full and wonderful month we will share together in class.  Neighborhood walks will become more available.  If your child has a birthday this month and you would like to do a little honoring in class, please let me know. 

·      Love: exploring the power of love emotion, how we show love to self and others, how it inspires arts and peace.  This will incorporate arts, movement, spoken word, songs and poetry. 
·      Dr. Maria Montessori and Aline Wolf: Peace Makers.  Our global tour of peacemakers continues and focus on Dr. Montessori’s reasoning for her observation based research of poverty-stricken children and establishing Casa dei Bambini in 1907, Italy.  As well as Aline Wolff, Montessori educator and author who took Dr. Montessori’s work and developed more.

“I think its purpose is to give children an experience of silence in our very noisy world. It lets them see that silence does not occur automatically; one has to make an effort to create silence. The Silence Game gives children the rare opportunity to hear the tiny voice inside them.
I've written a few meditations for children. The one on kindness will be in my new book. I suggest that the children sit very still and close their eyes while the teacher reads the meditation about kindness towards others."
~Interview with Aline Wolf

·      Valentines: Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th we will exchange Valentines (Jordan will help parents distribute Valentines in name labeled envelopes inside cubbies).  We will share a healthy treat we make in class and sing and recite Valentine songs and poems.

·      South America: Because we have beautiful cultural items in class from Peru, we will begin our focus on Peruvian culture and beautiful geographical makeup.  If you or a family/friend have traveled to Peru and wish to share stories, photos, foods, music please contact me to come it!  Our peace-maker unit will expand to South American peace makers into March.

Reminders/Thank You
·      Winter Break: February 20-24, No school

·      Sunday February 5th Thriftway, help sell and support tickets sales to our annual scholarship fundraiser 

·      Saturday February 11th 7-9pm our and Pie Soiree, Camp Sealth/ Rounds Hall!

·      Valentines: help your child make a valentine for each classmate for our little Valentine celebration Monday February 13th (if your child goes to another school Monday, we will have another mini celebration on Tuesday the 14th). 

Friday, January 6, 2017

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January 2017 Newsletter

Klahanie School
January 2017 Newsletter

December 2016 Reflection
Happy New Year!  We hope you and your family experienced a joyful holiday season.  We are excited to venture into the New Year with intention and care to reacquaint your child back to the classroom community and experiences. 

January 2017 Curriculum Topics
“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Along with revisiting our daily routine we will begin to focus our attention and circle-time lessons on Martin Luther King Jr.  MLK is the first of many Peacemakers we will study from around the world.  We begin the discussion of civil rights using age appropriate and relatable-fictionalized stories along with open-ended questions the children can identify with.  I also like to continue incorporating examples and role-playing of classroom community issues to assist the children in finding greater practice and understanding of human rights, empathy and compassion development through listening and sharing.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To celebrate MLK day we will make personalized “I have a dream” clouds for all children who want to participate.  The clouds state what the child’s dreams are for the future of selves, family, community and/or world.  These clouds will be hung in the classroom.  We will also make MLK posters and have a peace march on Thursday 12th and Sunday the 15th (his actual birthday), where we chant:
“Martin Luther King was a mighty, mighty man and a mighty, mighty man was he.  He worked for peace, he worked for love, and he worked for harmony!”

While celebrating diversity we will begin making self-portraits.  Each child will have the opportunity to observe his/her features in a mirror then with the assistance of an adult, create a self-portrait that will be displayed in the class until the end of the school year.  When you come to visit our classroom have fun finding your child!  Please contact me if you would like to help in class on this wonderful project. 

January and February we will be introducing different musicians, authors/poets and artists that have had important roles in using his/her art as a tool for looking for answers to world injustices.
“A simple and exhilarating truth: music and open, honest, human-to-human communication can shift ideologies and create meaningful change” (Lee Hirsch).

Two artists we will celebrate during January will be Bob Marley and Michael Franti of Spearhead.  Both musicians actively took the messages of MLK to the next level for bringing awareness of civil peace and equality in their own communities and beyond.

This unit study is close to my heart for it stimulates the children to look deeply and proudly at ways they themselves are peacemakers.  I look forward to hearing your home observations of family conversations and questions asked by your child while we study Martin Luther King Jr. and extended Peacemakers.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I am happy to listen and make time.

We will also begin study of
·      South America (please arrange a time in class to come share your personal stories of travels, living, etc in South America).
·      Pacific Northwest beavers and their vital importance in our ecosystem
·      Winter birds
·      Snowflakes, clouds, differing forms of water

Reminders/Thank You
·      PLEASE SELL PIE FUNDRASIER TICKETS!  Thank you also for spreading the social media word about our important and fun scholarship fundraiser.  All proceeds benefit your child and friends directly!  If friends/family cannot attend but want to donate, please refer then to our Klahanie School PayPal account where donations are welcome.

Thank you for the sweet Holiday Gifts from families to Teachers, such kindness!
Cold & Wet Days!  Please & thank you for remembering to layer your child in warm clothes, our schedule remains the same!  Please pack extra socks (can be mismatched): socks are great mitten substitutes when needed as well as extra cozy pants and rain pants if have them. 

Thank you parents for the Play-dough!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pie Soiree Fundraiser! Buy Tickets & Donate Online! Thank you for your Support! Klahanie School Pie Soiree!

If you cannot attend: Donate on PayPal through Klahanie School!

PayPal KlahanieSchool

“Enjoyment of the outside world”
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Dear Klahanie School Alumni Families and Supporters,

Thank you for buying tickets and boosting information for our Klahanie School Pie Fundraiser Soiree on Saturday February 11th 7-9pm at Camp Sealth/Vashon Island!  And thank you for forwarding this letter to family, friends and community connections supportive of Early Child Education and the research-backed benefits. 

We invite you to view our soiree as an evening of celebration and opportunity to find connection through story sharing and time together for pure joy and laughter!  

Fundraising is a team endeavor and your yearly contribution is invaluable and deeply felt by all the little hands and hearts that grace our threshold weekly and yearly since Klahanie School's start in 2009 with the continued school foundation of an intimate Montessori peace-empathy education for children 2-6yrs old. 

Understanding life is very busy during the holidays and end of the year times, your attention and help selling tickets dramatically helps the functioning of our school program not only for our yearly scholarships but also allows for greater foundation to build school savings for; continued property and garden safety upgrades, expanding our Montessori material collecting and use, further teacher trainings and specialist opportunities while moving closer towards school goal successes and increase our school's yearly donations to other local care oriented programs.  This school year our Klahanie School will continue to make donation to Vashon-Maury Island Food Bank, Vashon Youth and Family Services, Vashon Island Public Schools Foundation as well as Vashon Island Heritage Museum.

Attached is poster for our pie evening donated by a current Klahanie parent, that we welcome you to please pass along information to greater island and early child education supporters with ticket sales accessible through  

If you, family, friends cannot attend but want to offer support, please feel free to make a donation through our Klahanie School's PayPal account or check made out to Klahanie School mailed to PO Box 13376, Burton WA. 98013.  

Thank you for all you do right here!
Much appreciation to you,

Klahanie School Community

Klahanie School
“Enjoyment of the outside world”
206-491-9465 * Po Box 13376 BURTON, Washington 98013 *

December 2016 Newsletter

Klahanie School
December 2016 Newsletter
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   

My little horse must think it queer   
To stop without a farmhouse near   
Between the woods and frozen lake   
The darkest evening of the year.   

He gives his harness bells a shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound’s the sweep   
Of easy wind and downy flake.   

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

November 2016 Reflection
Our classroom has been a buzz from all the special earth projects we have embarked on.  The children helped each other kindly while making their Thanksgiving meal.  The Elder students set the table and escorted their younger friends to seats.  We sang, we thanked, we shared love with one another.  Jordan began adding to  our circle time darling Spanish songs and finger-plays the children love!  Thank you Jordan for all your gifts.  Our time this month was full of adventure and big projects the children loved. 

December Curriculum Topics
“In the wilderness is the preservation of the world.”
Henry David Thoreau
This year’s shortest day of the year is on Wednesday, December 21, which will also mark the longest night of the year. Every year, the winter solstice marks the turn of the calendar as autumn ends and the winter begins.  And from an astronomical standpoint, the winter solstice means that the two opposite points in the sky to which the Earth’s axis of rotation points change very slowly. Over the course of about 26,000 years, a complete circle is created.  Culturally, winter solstice was used to mark a number of events, including sowing of crops, mating season for animals and monitoring winter reserves of food.

In respect of this amazing wonder our earth experiences, our class will slow down.  Life can be very busy for children and families during the holiday season and we would like our classrooms (inside and out) to offer calm environment to explore and play.  We will sing many varying holiday songs as well as many opportunities for quiet.  We introduced a small bell and singing bowl.   When either instruments sings, we pause and count for five seconds then resume activity.  We hope the practice can create some sensory positive imprint during times when life is busy and whirling around, we can find inner calm from a pause.  This could be a positive addition to family life. 

·      Orcas: We continue our look at Orca family pods migration and life cycle.  Alumni environmental specialist educator and islander, Maria Metler introduced the wonders of Orca Puget sound life and we continue that guide to understand this important J Pod community.
·      Conifer Trees
·      Owls: Local owls and habitats (this as well as the topics listed below will roll into January).
·      Water Forms: liquid and solid introduction.  What is a snowflake and can we read snowflakes if magnified?  Also the geometric wonders such a small object can hold.
·      Winter Solstice and Festivals of Light holidays
Reminders/Thank You

·      Cold Days!  Please & thank you for remembering to layer your child and pack layers in backpacks: zip-up sweaters and hoodies are fantastic!   Please pack extra socks and share with your child he (can be mismatched): socks are great mitten substitutes when needed! 
·      Thank you Elizabeth Shaw for the Play-dough!
·      Please help this Holiday Season & consider donating a New Toy(s) & Books for a local Holiday Toy Drive for children in need through our Vashon Maury Food Bank and backpack program.  With inquiry, an entire family could be sponsored. 
·      Happy Holiday Break!   No School: December 15-January 2nd 2017

By Walt Whitman

SOUNDS of the winter too,
Sunshine upon the mountains—many a distant strain
From cheery railroad train—from nearer field, barn, house,
The whispering air—even the mute crops, garner'd apples, corn,
Children's and women's tones—rhythm of many a farmer and
of flail,
An old man's garrulous lips among the rest, Think not we give
out yet,

Forth from these snowy hairs we keep up yet the lilt.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Great reads for October 2016

A wonderful book in Cheri J. Meiners' series focusing on empathy development and practical pointers for preschool age group and adults caregiving children of this age.

A beautiful story about grief process for children and families.  

November 2016 Newsletter

Klahanie School
November 2016 Newsletter
Thanks a lot,
  Thanks for Sun in the sky.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for clouds so high.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for whispering wind.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the birds in the spring.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the moonlit night.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the stars so bright.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the wondering me.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for the way I feel.
Thanks for the animals,
 Thanks for the land,
 Thanks for the people everywhere.
Thanks a lot,
 Thanks for all I've got.
 Thanks for all I've got.


October 2016 Reflection
Thank you parents and children for such wonderful conferences, what fun sharing about your children.   As shared during conferences, your children makeup a warm and inviting group.  The leaves are changing and the rain has re-emerged, autumn is fully here.  Thank you parents for dressing your kids so weather ready with warm layers and easy to slip on boots!  Thank you also for practicing with your child at home ways to put clothing and coats on independently.  We use the following technique at school:

“You put your tag by your toes, hands in the holes and your flip it” flipping the coat on by laying coat upside down by child’s toes.

We have been talking about how our rain gear acts as our own personal tent when in the weather elements.  Inside and outside the children are exploring new friendships and with that we are able to support the natural and normal relationship dynamics playing out and figuring out how to open our listening ears and learning to speak from the heart, and what defines a kind leader.  I am taking a lot of time to help the children figure out joyful ways to connect with friends and introducing mediation “holding our concentration” complimented with movement stories.   There is a great amount of kindness offered and received during class daily.  The main focus I leave them with is how kind they are.  We explore together that kindness and gratitude will lead to a joyful life on earth and possibility greater connection with others and earth.  We continue to build our empathy development with inquiry and listening along with important grace and courtesy response to friends’ questions and actions. 

“Dad believes that the things of nature are a gift.  And that in return, we must give something back.  We must give thanks…..
To me, it’s a little embarrassing to say thanks to trees and things.  But Dad says it becomes a habit; it makes you feel good.  ‘Thank you, stars,’ I say as we near home.  And the stars come out, one by one, as if from hiding.”
Giving Thanks by Jonathan London

November Curriculum Topics
·      Salmon: amazing life cycle journey, Pacific Northwest salmon and habitats.  This is a very dear unit to me and we read some amazing books and poetry about the salmon’s inspiring life. 
·      Giving Thanks: exploring ways to express our thanks to those we love and the earth.  Before our Thanksgiving break we will make a meal as a class over a couple of days, set our table, sing a Thank You song and eat our class made meal together.  The meal will be applesauce (pealed cooked by the children, a bit of honey added), smoked salmon and corn bread (made by the class).

·      Thank you song: “Thank you for the food we eat.  Thank you for the friends we greet.  Thank you for the birds that sing.  Thank you, thank you for everything.”

·      Orcas: Like Salmon, we are very honored as an island community to be able to observe first hand the Orca migration led by Grandma, the matriarch of the Puget Sound J pod.  We will learn about Orcas and compare our native whale activity to those surrounding Scotland’s archipelago Inner Hebrides. 
·      Turkeys: parts of the turkey and behaviors, get ready for some funny words coming home! 

Reminders/Thank You
Thank you Jordan Beck-Vroom for your amazing help in class and loving patience and gift with children co-teacher colleague!  Thank you Elizabeth Mendana for your substitute teaching and fantastic movement, we are learning so much from our Specialists!  Thank you Jen Parker and Elizabeth for the play-dough donations.  Thank you Klahanie School parents for your participation creating a fun and memorable Pie Auction fundraising event. 

Thank you for leaving Halloween sugar treats at home. 

·      No School: Wednesday November 23rd or Thanksgiving Thursday 24th

SAVE THE DATE!  SATURDAY FEBRUARY 11th is our ANNUAL PIE AUCTION SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER!  Join us for a fun and festive night of music, auction zaniness for some of the top savory and sweet pie creations, adult time to catchup with friends in a warm and inviting community building evening!  All proceeds of the evening cover the Klahanie School scholarships program for the 2017-18 school year as well as donation to our Maury Vashon Food Bank.