Monday, October 5, 2015

October 2015 Newsletter

Klahanie School
October 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Reflection
Your family did it!  You successfully made it through the first crazy busy first month of school!   And we certainly began this school year with a fantastic amount of joy.  Welcome new and returning families to Klahanie School!  The children are beginning to remember names of classmates and we continue to play finger-plays, rhyming games, songs and movement during circle time as well as wonderful library books centered on self-care and emotions.  We have been laughing a lot at group and throughout class, what a gift! 
Thank you parents who were able to attend our school Curriculum night, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing our Compassionate Listening, empathy development and emotional intelligence class foundations as well as weaving Montessori practice information.  Many children have begun forming very sweet friendships and you may begin talking more about play-dates with friends from school or pass with hellos out in the world.  You all have very friendly and warm children.  And thank you Renee for helping maintain a very kind and gentle space for our school community. 

During Klahanie class session we practice Inclusion during play and use the following response if asked by a friend to play:
“Can I play?”
“No thank you, maybe later.  I am working/playing alone right now.” 
Or if approaching an existing group working on project or imaginative play:
“Sure, we’ll figure it out.” 
To assist the children being creative in the group activity including more if ask to join, is requested in class to assist the individual forming good foundation experiences when seeking connection.  This is a confidence builder for all involved because everyone is able to answer authentically while also being kind.  Teachers assist if a younger two-half year old classmate who might want to play with the same material yet play/concentrate alone.  This is the gift of observation in class where we can help decode what is being sought after and seeking to communicate.  I also ask the children to practice listening as much as “use your words” and sometimes help brainstorm.  The majority of the times the children are showing great care and imagination attached to this empathy developing response in-group work.

October Curriculum Topics
·      Spiders (arachnids) and Bats (mammals): looking at their life cycle, parts of the bodies, habitats and how they help the earth.
·      Pumpkins, Gourd family & Apples: life cycle, parts of the plant and sensory games, songs and food preparation and tastings. 
·      Garden preparation for winter: Winter crops and soil care for winter preparation.
·      Bird Migration: here in the Pacific Northwest as well as beginning yearlong island sibling focus on Scotland’s Inner Hebrides and Islay’s bird migration.
·      Friends & Neighbors: What makes a friend.  Peace practices (invitation to play, concentrate together) on how to be neighborly and available for help when asked.  Inclusion practice and name games.

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.”
Mr. Fred Rogers

Reminders/Thank Yous
·      Lice!  Please get your hair combing lice kits and start preventatives: Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils diluted with water and rubbed daily at the base of neck hairline as well as around ears are some great preventative bases combined with less shampooing and frequent nit checks.  Children will need to stay home until all nits are gone and treatment completed. 
·      Autumn Conferences: October 19th, 20th, 21st get questions ready and sign up for your optional Autumn conference to hear about what your child(ren) is doing in class cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  Conference sign-up is emailed out and on the school board on top of cubbies. 
·      Please Sign Hike permission slip:  I would like to begin taking the children on a neighborhood walk and will email out permissions (this will primarily be for children attending Noon-1: 30pm).
·      Thank you Play Dough Makers!  And substitute/hike helper volunteers
·      Specialists Jordan Beck and Elizabeth Mendana Shaw begin this Month!  Jordan will share her textile arts skills and Elizabeth will share her movement expertise both once a month.  Lucky us!